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Beacon Hill is at the center of life in Boston, and Charles St. Supply is in the middle of Beacon Hill!

Beacon Hill is a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, covering approximately one square mile and home to about 10,000 people. It is a neighborhood of Federal-style row houses. It is known for its narrow streets, brick sidewalks, and gas-lit streets.

The neighborhood is named for the location of a former beacon atop the highest point in central Boston, once located just behind the current site of the Massachusetts State House.

The hill, and two other nearby hills, were substantially reduced in height to allow the development of housing in the area and to create land by filling part of the Back Bay at the foot of the hill.

Old Beacon Hill

The Beacon Hill area is located just north of the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden and is generally bounded by Beacon Street on the south, Somerset Street on the east, Cambridge Street to the north and Storrow Drive along the riverfront of the Charles River Esplanade to the west. The block bounded by Beacon, Tremont and Park Streets is included as well, as is the Boston Common itself. The level section of the neighborhood west of Charles Street, on landfill, is known locally as the "Flat of the Hill."

Because the Massachusetts State House is in a prominent location at the top of the hill, the term "Beacon Hill" is also often used in the local news media to refer to the state government or the legislature.

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